From The Desk Of Ryan Reynolds – August Market Comments

From the Desk of Ryan Reynolds...

The late summer market is upon us and while total activity is slowing as it typically does this time of year, there is still a huge shortage in the number of homes for sale, so when I say slowing, I mean homes are only getting 3 or 4 offers in the first week as opposed to 7 to 10!   As a seller, that’s still a great opportunity and as a buyer, it smells like you may be able to negotiate a little harder and win.  Once Buckeye Football kicks off and Labor Day passes (pun intended) the real estate market will likely come out strong into the 4th quarter and we are expecting to see more of what we have seen this all year long – quick sales, above asking price, with little or no seller concessions.  If you have even been thinking about making a move, call us!  We can help show you the best way to take advantage of today’s market with your specific situation. 

Helping YOU is what we’re here to do!


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