Industry News – Great Deals On New Homes

Industry News – Great Deals On New Homes

Did you know that right now is the best time of the year to start the process of building a new home? 

That’s right.  Just like car manufacturers, many builders have year-end “deals” where you can get upgraded appliances, or upgraded finishes, or maybe even a discount on a premium lot just for starting the process now. 

The reason that the builders do this is simple — supply and demand. This time of year, there is naturally less demand, so they are willing to make some concessions in order to keep their sub-contractors busy.  Some builders even have move-in ready homes that are already built that they want to get off of their books before they must report their numbers.  Their motivation and fewer people looking to build this month is your gain!

Where do you start you ask?  Great question!  My team and I provide new home construction representation services to our clients just like we represent them in existing home purchases, so you can start right here!  We have experience with new builds and can help you do everything from choose the builder, to choose the lot, to choosing the options and finishes that will maximize your investment’s re-sale value in the future.  We even hold your hand throughout the entire process and can help bring some leverage to situations where there might be a disagreement, if needed.  After all, you may only be building one home this year but we’re building many more and with that volume comes a voice that you may not have otherwise.

The best part is that our services are paid for by the builders, so they are at NO COST TO YOU!  You see, builders do this because they see the value that we bring to the table in helping you feel comfortable in the process and in helping to resolve any issues that arise.  They also like that if they do a good job, we may be able to bring them additional business.  So, it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation. 

If you are considering building a home, call us, we can help! 

…Helping YOU Is What We’re Here To Do!

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