Renovation Cooking At Its Finest!

I am in the middle of a huge kitchen renovation and of course it is my turn on the team to write a recipe for the monthly newsletter. 

Fortunately, both my husband and I come from Italian families and my wonderful mother-in-law loves to cook and bring us the leftovers daily.  Tonight was pepperoni bread, chicken cutlets, and rigatoni.  Yum!

Quick and easy kid meal:  Mac and Cheese!  Need a portable cook top.  Follow the instructions on the box.

Snack time:  Microwave Popcorn!  Open the back and place in the microwave for the time stated on the package.  When timer goes off carefully (caution HOT!) take out of microwave and pour into bowl. 

Until next time, when I have a kitchen to cook in—

–Mandy Rich, Buyer’s Agent

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