Did You Know? Entryway Tips

Looking to improve the appeal of your home with little or no money?  Good news… Here are some quick tips that are likely free!

The entryway to your home is one of the most important areas of the entire house.  If it is true, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” the entryway is where the first impression is made and dies.  And by entryway, we mean your porch, entry door, and area directly inside the door.  

So, what do you see if you take a step back and look at your home – what do people see from the road, from the sidewalk, from the porch?  Is there clutter? Trash? Abandoned items?  Cobb webs? Dirty windows? Does it leave a feeling of “Clean and cozy” or “Enter at your own risk”?   If you are looking for the “Clean and cozy” follow these 3 easy tips. 


Too much of anything, even a good thing, is still too much.  So, consider what items really add to the scenery or functionality of your entryway and remove everything else.  On the outside, reasonable items might be a door mat, plants/flowers, seating, lighting, 1-2 simple décor items.  Step inside – Is the space open and free of debris?  Consider adding a place for quick-drop items that fits your family’s needs – shoe tray/mat/or shelf, rack or bowl for keys, etc.  The more these items can be stored out of sight the more welcoming your entryway will be. 

Deep Clean

Now that the clutter has been removed it will be a lot easier to do a thorough cleaning of your entryway.  On the outside this may include power-washing any concrete, siding, or stone and cleaning any furniture.  Once the water spraying tasks are completed it is time to clean the windows and any glass doors. While focusing on your door, check the threshold and any other nooks and crannies where debris may collect.  On the inside, free the walls and doors of scuffs, cobwebs, and clean the switch plates, windows, and glass areas.  Of course, don’t forget to thoroughly clean the floors and any area or throw rugs.

Touch-Up & Update

This is a great time to touch-up and update the foyer and entry door.  Pay close attention to areas that may have chipped paint or perhaps just need a fresh coat or update.  Do light switch plates, doorknobs, trim pieces, light bulbs or fixtures need replaced?  

Once you are finished, take a walk up to your home with a fresh set of eyes.  Now what kind of statement is made? It is amazing how these inexpensive, quick updates and details can make your house your home and draw others in. And if you are considering selling can actually impact a buyers first impressions.     

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